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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should I notify the IRS of my change of address?

If you have moved, you need to notify the IRS of your new address. That way they can change your records so that any tax refunds due to you or any other IRS communications will reach you in a timely manner.


Q. If I won't be able to finish my return by April 15, can I get an extension?

Yes. You can get an extension by filing Form 4868, Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, by the due date. By filing the extension, you avoid the late filing penalty. However, Form 4868 does not extend the time to pay your income tax.


Q. How can I get forms and publications?

  • Download them electronically at Forms & Pubs

  • Call 800-TAX-FORM (1-800-829-3676) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Order by mail using the order blank in the tax package you receive in the mail

  • Certain forms and publications are available by fax at (703) 368-9694

  • Pick them up at most local IRS offices, participating libraries, or post office.


Q. I received a notice from IRS. What should I do?

The IRS sends a letter or notice to you to request payment for taxes, notify you of a change to your account, or request additional information. Please review the information on your entire tax return and compare it with the information on the notice. If the notice tells you that a correction was made to your account and you agree with the correction, a reply is not needed unless a payment is due. If you do not agree with the correction we made, it is important that you respond to the letter or notice as requested. If you need any assistance you may call or e-mail us.


Q. How long does it take after you've filed to receive a refund?

If you e-file with direct deposit and have not received your  refund within 3 weeks after filing your return (8 weeks if you filed paper with paper check),  you can check your refund status on the Internal Revenue Service or Massachusetts Department of Revenue website.